Oct 1962Kanto Denshi Kiki Hanbai KK (Kanto Electronic Device Sales) founded at Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo. 
Jan 1983Changed company name to Kanto Denshi KK.
Apr 1989Marubeni KK took the management ownership of the company.
Jun 1998Kanto Denshi KK was filed at the second section of Tokyo Stock Exchange.
May 2001Founded Cyber Logistics KK with Marubeni KK and Computer Wave KK, a software distributor.
Oct 2001Changed the company name from Kanto Denshi KK to Marubeni Infotec KK.
Oct 2004Merged Computer Wave KK.
Oct 2007 Delisted from Tokyo Stock Exchange.
Dec 2007Marubeni Infotec KK became a subsidiary of Marubeni KK.
Dec 2010Marubeni KK sold all stocks they had to TD SYNNEX Group in US.
Changed the company name to TD SYNNEX Infotec KK.
Dec 2018Changed the company name to TD SYNNEX KK.

TD SYNNEX Corporation History

Nov 1980COMPAC Microelectronics founded
Feb 1994Changed company name to TD SYNNEX (TD SYNNEX = Synergy + Nexus)
2003Listed on the New York Stock Exchange
2006Acquired Concentrix
2008Acquired New Age Electronics
Nov 2011Yearly revenue $10.0 billion
2014Acquired IBM Customer Care Business
2017Acquired Tigarspike
2017Acquired Westcon-Comstor Americas
Nov 2017Yearly revenue $17.0 billion
June 2018Acquired Convergys