Business Summary

Your trusted technology and solution advisor.

We provide valuable and pioneering technology solutions for our business partners

We help our partners promptly spot emerging IT markets, allowing them to develop new business strategies with the latest technologies.

As a member of the TD SYNNEX group, we utilize our global sales network and collaborative structure to provide our customers with the technologies and services that meet their business needs. We support our partners by using various approaches to achieve their business goals, such as growth, globalization, and differentiation, in a complex and continuously evolving market.

Advantages of our global network and perspective

TD SYNNEX Corporation is headquartered in the United States and operates in more than 30 countries, spanning North and South America, Europe and the Japan-led Asian region. With more than 110,000 employees worldwide, TD SYNNEX Corporation boasts an expansive global network. In Japan, TD SYNNEX provides cutting-edge technologies and services for our partners by utilizing both the domestic and global relationships we have with leading companies. We support our partners in various fields to differentiate themselves from their competitors, as well as to lead their markets. We also provide comprehensive services, such as supply-chain management and business process outsourcing, in cooperation with TD SYNNEX group companies Concentrix and Westcon-Comstor.

As part of a cooperative global network, TD SYNNEX can introduce the latest technologies and best practices from overseas to the Japanese market faster than any other distributor. Furthermore, we give resellers and retailers access to exclusive overseas technologies and services only we can provide.

What we can do as a technology and solution advisor

We approach the areas of IoT (Internet of Things), cloud computing, big data, enterprise mobility and consumer technology in collaboration with our partners. We utilize our technical expertise in these rapidly advancing markets to provide comprehensive solutions for our customers.

We develop strategies for differentiation in the mobility market with substantial achievements we attained as a leading distributor of SIM-free devices, including an expansive catalog of devices to choose from. We also provide value-added services, such as Access Point Name (APN) service, which TD SYNNEX was first to offer in Japan.

TD SYNNEX has developed relationships as a distributor with leading nationwide mass merchandisers. We connect vendors with resellers and retailers, offering combined value-added solutions under the best conditions possible.

One-stop services with our IT & logistics network

We help to grow our partners’ businesses dynamically by making the most of our economies of scale. Our distinction in integrated capabilities allows for faster and less costly services, which we use to support our partners – from planning to selling. We meet their expectations with one-stop service, ranging from hardware to software.

Information and efficiency are two factors that are essential to any business. We created our own unique IT infrastructure with ECNex® and CLOUDSolv® to connect a wide range of products and customers – providing them with product information as quickly and efficiently as possible.

We also offer enhanced value-added services and support, such as kitting, extended warranty, recycling, and “Mobile First”, a monthly financing option with one-stop service. We are dedicated to helping our partners operate more efficiently, grow their sales and ultimately become more profitable by offering them convenient solutions.